Tips for  improving  your Mandarin skills

Is your Mandarin a little rusty? 你的普通话有点生疏吗?  

Let's polish your Mandarin together and make it shine.让我们一起 使你的普通话优雅,流利,信心百倍

Improving  your pronunciation 

There are so many aspects to discuss with topics like ‘how to improve your language skills’.

To improve speaking skills in Mandarin, there are a few aspects should pay attention to:


1: Pronunciation   2. Intonation...Read more

Improving your speaking 
When you say something in Mandarin, the
intonation of each sentence is very important. It shows and expresses your attitude, the facts that you would like to emphasise, as well as the key information you want to give.
Correct intonation is especially important when many words are grouped together in long sentences. For example... more
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Improving your listening



Listening skills of Mandarin are another issue when learning this language. Many learners are struggling with listening even though they can speak good Chinese.

Shall we clarify whether you have the ability to listen or not? Some people, including myself, are an example - even if they understand their own native languages, they are not good listeners. A good listener has the ability... more 
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Improving  your  reading and writing



The most difficult part of reading Chinese is character recognition. For beginners, if you are a part time learner, it would be beneficial to learn and recognise at least 25 characters per week, so after one month, you would be able to recognise 100 characters. After 10 months, you would have learned 1000 characters, then you will surprise yourself about character recognition.

There are two main reading skills to develop apart from Chinese character recognition... more
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